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Jim Steele

Jim Steele has been working with
photography since 1956. His first
darkroom was set up in 1960. The early
years of photography were general in
focus and included weddings and portraits.

As years passed, nature became the
central theme of his work.

Earning a living and raising a family put
photography on the “back burner” for
many years.

Although it was not his main source of
income, but a part-time venture,
photography work was done for several
conservation authorities, newspaper
articles, training material, industrial
applications and periodic publications.

Since retiring from the “industrial working
world”, Jim has had more time to work at
photography and moving to Cape Breton
has opened up new opportunities.

When Marianne and Jim set up their place
on the Cabot Trail, the layout and location
were chosen to provide the breathtaking
vista you see in so much of his work.

While Nature is still the main theme,
sunrise photography has been the main
focus for most of his work. Estate
photography for the home owner, asset
photography and special events fill the
rest of his photography time.

Jim and Marianne also produces a daily
free e-mail with photos from the mornings
sunrise (or from the archives when there
is not a sunrise to photograph), and a
couple of photos from other interests such
as pets, flowers, clouds, trees etc. under
the heading “For something different”. To
receive this e-mail, simply e-mail Jim and
ask to be added to the sunrise e-mail list.
Special day or moment to

Grand Child born
or Wedding to celebrate.  
Think of giving a gift of the
Sunrise of your particular special

Sunrise photos are taken almost
every morning and prints are
available from the past thousands
of photos Jim Steele has taken of
sunrises over the past five years.

Photos are available for viewing

Pick your date, Pick your
picture(s) ( record date and
numbers) and we will print them
and send them on to you.

Please contact for prices