Colouratura Art Gallery

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William Rogers - Oil, Watercolour

Jim Steele - Sunrise Photography

Celeste Friesen - Acrylic, Mixed Media

Alison Grapes - Mixed Media

Lynn Moore - Fabric Artist

Irene MacKinnon - Jewelry from Eco Resin

Ilze Luis - Watercolour Cards and Prints

Darlene Watters - Watercolour, Acrylic

Suzan Marjetti - Acrylic on Canvas

Nancy Oakley - Native (Micmac) Creations in

        Pottery and Sweet Grass  

Joanne L. Solway - Marble and Clay


Terrie Zweep - silk and wool scarves

Paul Moore - Copper Jewelry

Diana Morrissey - Gemologist and Sterling Silversmith

Christopher Gorey - Oils and Watercolour

Roman Buckhoffer - Photography

David Perlman - Photography Wizard with  Photoshop  

Pat Morris - Paintings on Feathers, Pastels

Gail Bisson - Wildlife Photographer- Award


Lisa Finney - Photographs on Metal

Jitka Zgola - Pottery

Janice Guinan - Blueberry Ink!

Andrew Tubman - Wood Sculpture

Carly Fox - Prints

Clark Reid - Prints

Kris Tynski

Cape Breton Photographer whose photos have appeared in Canadian Geographic and other publications.

Terrie Zweep

Silk and Wool Scarves

Janice Guinan

whose work has appeared in many Art Collections in her prolific career.