Colouratura Art Gallery

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William Roger's Watercolours capture the mood of the area as well as the scenic highlights.

Suzan Marjetti's evocative paintings are now in the Gallery.  A Cape Breton girl who now works for CBC in Toronto.

Darren Moss captures on his camera the Low Point Lighthouse as some angry clouds move in.

Celeste Friesen

The texture in her paintings gives movement and depth to her paintings.

Eternity by Roman Buchhofer

Mesmerizing black and white images.

Blueberry Ink!!

Janice Guinan captures this boat at Fortress Louisburg using Fresh blueberries she cooks down and strains them to create her ink for these special drawings!

Jim Steele's

Sunrise Series.

For close to 10 years Jim has taken images of the skies over Cape Breton at all times of year.


by Roman Buchhofer